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Due to their rarity and unique visual properties, nearly all colored gemstones are enhanced using various techniques. Many of these techniques have been used for centuries. Colored gemstones that have not been enhanced are very rare and command extravagant prices. There are many methods of enhancing colored gemstones. The most common enhancements are heat treatment, filling, heating and pressure, impregnation, lasering, infusion, coating, bleaching, dyeing, irradiation, diffusion, waxing/oiling. For example, most rubies and sapphires go through a heating process to improve color and clarity. Gemstones are enhanced and embellished by many techniques. Any property that a stone may have has a potential for an enhancement. Generally, enhancements are relatively easy to do and cause an appreciable increase in the gemstone’s worth. Color and clarity can be enhanced in many gems and there are many methods of doing so. Some enhancements are standard techniques that cause a permanent change. These are […]

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